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Refrigerated and Frozen Adhesive Preformed Films

Henkel Bergquist Refrigerated and Frozen Adhesive Preformed Films

When there is a requirement for bonding large areas or complex parts together, thermal adhesive films are the preferred materials. Larger bonding areas are problematic for liquid-based mediums as voids may result; films, however, deliver uniform, void-free bondlines and controlled thicknesses. Supplied in custom, pre-cut formats, Henkel’s® line of thermal adhesive films offers a clean, waste-free, easily-processed solution with a low total, cost of ownership in thermally and electrically-conductive formulas.

Henkel’s® adhesive films are categorized into two groups, thermally conductive and electrically conductive.

These materials are typically used in microwave circuitry, the attachment of heat sinks, and circuit board bonding. They have no initial tack and their bond is made through a heat curing process.

Material Details

  • CF3350 is available in two standard thicknesses: 0.002" and 0.004", 5025E in 0.004" thickness.
  • 5025E is available with MIL-STD-883, 5011 Certification.
  • These materials can be laser cut, or die cut. The materials have a protective backing to maintain their integrity during handling.

(Data Sheet - LOCTITE ABLESTIK CF 3350)
(Data Sheet - LOCTITE ABLESTIK 5025E)

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