ISO 9001:2015 Registered AS 9100 Registered UL Recognized SAM Registered ROHS Compliance

ROHS Compliance

Orion Industries Incorporated is committed to providing product which is compliant with all applicable state, local, and international laws and standards, especially those regulating Environmental concerns.

It is the policy of Orion Industries Incorporated to use materials in our products which are compliant with RoHS directives.

This includes designated heavy metals (Lead, Mercury, Hexavalent Chromium, Cadmium), brominated flame retardants (PBB, PBDE) and plastisizers (DOP, DEHP, DBP).

All of our products are shipped with a certificate of compliance stating the compliance of the enclosed products.

If additional documentation is required, please direct your request to our sales department.

Wood Packing Compliance

Due to the size and nature of our products, most of the parts which we ship are packaged in small cardboard boxes.

It is our intent to be in compliance with:

    • The International Standards of Phytosanitary Measures Publication # 15 (ISPM-15) published guidelines on all wood packaging material, used in international trade.

In the cases where we are exporting product:

    • It is the policy of Orion Industries Incorporated to not use solid wood packing material. Any and all export shipments will incorporate non-wood based pallets and corrugated boxes.

Orion Wood Packaging Compliance Statement

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