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UL's fabricated parts traceability program covers the polymeric material traceability of molded, encapsulated, potted, and other fabricated parts. It is intended to provide quick verification of material identity through markings on a fabricated part.

Fabricated parts produced under this program are intended to eliminate the uncertainty of the polymeric material identity in the end-use product. The parts produced at a given factory location have been evaluated by a material traceability program described in the Standard for Polymeric Materials - Fabricated Parts, UL 746D.

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Under this program, the molder or fabricator is required to keep adequate records which will trace the correctly identified material from receipt through storage, inventory withdrawal, molding, finishing, packaging and shipping.

The fabricated parts traceability program creates value for the end-product manufacturer to ensure that the component specifications are not compromised and continue to meet UL requirements, especially when molders or fabricators use additives, regrinds and recycled plastics.

This program is covered under UL's Recognition Service under the category of Fabricated Parts (QMMY2).

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