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CNC Routing

CNC Routed Plastics

In recent years, Orion Industries has expanded its capabilities of producing electronic insulation products to include thicker gauge materials. Through a process of CNC machining we are now capable of routing materials which are much thicker than those that can be die cut, and with much greater precision.

We can also process composite materials such as G-10, FR4 and other materials that are not easily die cut.

Most of the same guidelines for our Insulating Materials are applicable to this class of manufacturing (CNC Routed Plastics) as well.

CNC Routed Plastics -Cutting Capabilities

Our material specialists will assist you in determining the most appropriate material for your application. The design considerations will most likely include:

  • Agency approvals, such as UL flame ratings
  • Dielectric strength
  • Final part tolerances
  • Machinability of selected material
  • Minimum internal radii on routed features such as dense rubbers, and thick plastics.
Manufacturing Capabilities
Manufacturing Process