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Thermal Transfer Materials

Thermal Transfer Materials, Thermal Interface Materials

Through our strategic partnership with the Bergquist Company, Orion Industries has been able to supply a wide range of thermal transfer materials and products to our customers. We have developed a body of knowledge about these various materials and have learned to speak their language.

Thermal Transfer Materials Custom Capabilities

We are well versed in the applications of the following types of thermal transfer materials:

  • Sil-Pad ® thermally conductive insulators
  • Gap-Pad® thermally conductive gap filling material
  • Q-Pad® thermal grease replacement film
  • Bond-Ply® thermally conductive adhesives
  • Hi-Flow® thermally conductive phase change material

Orion Industries is capable of producing the entire catalog of standard parts, in a range of thicknesses from 0.004" to 0.25" thick.

Our material specialists will assist you in determining the most appropriate material for your application. The design considerations will most likely include:

  • Conformability
  • Agency approvals, UL flammability
  • Operating temperature range
  • Phase change temperature (if applicable)
  • Electrical properties
  • Thickness constraints
Manufacturing Capabilities